All Quality Painting, Inc. 


We strive to provide the best quality results in the most cost effective manner.  Below is a list of various prices that we will give all our customers. It will provide a fair insight of the prices we provide.  There are several variables to take into consideration in order to provide an accurate estimate.  Please remember this is only a starting point, for a free estimate please contact us at info@allqualitypainting.com


Tape, bed walls:                                                                                                                                                     FROM $0.50 per wall square foot

Interior wall painting, including prime and paint all walls:                                                                                       FROM $0.65 per wall square foot

Commercial wall-covering installation:                                                                                                                   FROM $1.25 per wall square foot


All of our exterior work, regardless of size, requires the same treatment.  We power-wash the entire surface, hand scrape and prime as necessary. We then mask off and cover all areas to protect from paint splatter and provide two coats of finish paint to all areas.

FROM $1.50 per square foot